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Dual Line Flow Monitor (DLFM)

The Dropsa DLFM allows precise monitoring of dual line systems. It can be piped in-line into the dual line system anywhere and measures the amount of flow being injected downstream.
Typical applications in the steel industry can see the unit installed either immediately after the pump system or, more commonly, upstream of each segment.

Each DLFM is fitted with two SMP Volumetric Progressive units that work positive volumetric displacement. Each SMP unit monitors one of the two injection lines.
Flow monitoring is therefore completely independent on temperature, viscosity and pressure.

The SMP units are fitting with the latest Dropsa Ultrasensor spool sensor product: a revolutionary patented system that has no moving parts and made in AISI 316 Stainless Steel.

When the Dual line system inverts and the lines are vented the residual pressure and small quantity of return flow is channeled via a bypass check valve arrangement therefore excluding the return flow from being counted or interfering with the SMP flow monitor. With this arrangement, only the flow being injection to the divider valves is therefore counted!

The two Ultrasensors installed on the DLFMP are typically wired to the host machine’s PLC system. Each input received from the unit represent 2 cm3 / 0.122 cu.inch of flow injection for the respective line.