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Shut off Valve

"SHUT OFF" valve is the basic component to transform a standard progressive lubrication system into a programmable system.
The "SHUT OFF" valve comprises a solenoid valve and special SMX modular base. This assy. replaces the initial base on a standard SMX progressive block.
All the other elements such as metering valves, intermediate bases and final base are the same as the modular SMX system.
"SHUT OFF" valves are available in BSP or NPTF threads.

Advantages of progressive lubrication system fitted with "Shut Off" valve
It is possible to section the installation in sectors with different lubrication cycles.
"SHUT OFF" valve makes it possible to programme the amount of lubrication and the intervals of lubrication according to the requirements of different parts of the machine.
Operation with oil r grease at a pressure of 400bar (5880 psi)
this valve is suitable for either light oil (min viscosity f 15 cSt) or thick grease (density p to NLGi 3) can operate at pressure of 400 bar (5880 psi).

Reduction of pressure drop

The standard progressive system is comparable o series circuitry in electricity. the lubricant flow operates a series of valves in succession and this reduces step by step the operating pressure and limits the lenght of the installation.
The "shut off" valve permits the design of iinstallations with extended lines and many valves.

Quick location of faulty valve
An indicating micro switch mounted on the progressive block permits location of the damaged section of the installation.

Interchangeability of bases and metering valves thanks to the modular concept
The metering valve can be serviced without disturbing the pipe work.
The installation can be easily extended or modified.