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The LINE pump is assembled using standard modular components.
Its versatility, technical characteristics and solid build base makes the pump an ideal solution in the following
- Petrochemical Refineries
- Gas Handling
- Refrigeration Cells
- Air Compressor Lubrication
- Rubber / Plastics

The LINE pumps are capable of providing the exact flow rate of fluid at high pressures either for lubrication purposes or hydrostatic lubrication. It is particularly suited for centralized lubrication systems. The LINE pump is a piston pump with spring return driven by an eccentric drive shaft. The flow rate of the pump is easily adjustable.
All working components within the pump are protected from contamination, water, impurities and are continuously self lubricated by the lubricant that is used within the application. It has a robust construction for high pressures and long running times and the piston stroke has a sufficient volume to avoid the risk of aerating the oil without losing suction.